A smart Wi-Fi air monitor that detects VOCs & purifies the air for a healthier life.

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iBaby Air / AirSense is an indoor smart Wi-Fi air quality monitor and ion purifier that detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, and eighteen other elements. It purifies the air with negative ions, tracks your air quality and allows you to create charts and see changes over time. Best of all, there’s no cleaning, maintenance, or replaceable parts (like filters)!

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Why did we create iBaby Air?

Traveling the world, the iBaby team could not help but notice the air pollution that people have to live with. The unfortunate state of air quality led us to research air pollution in big cities.

How we can help

We learned that in the US, air pollution is responsible for increased number of visits to ER, hospitalization with respiratory illnesses, and even tens of thousands of deaths every year, especially in children.

One of the features that sets iBaby Air / AirSense apart from other monitors is the fact that it has an ion purifier. But it’s not just an ion purifier, it’s the smallest one on the market. It is small and light enough to accompany you on trips, and is compatible with different electricity currents.

People may not realize that many common household items can cause severe health damage with prolonged exposure. Children are especially vulnerable to VOCs due to their physiology and other factors. As a result, children are not able to process the chemicals as effectively as adults are. Using iBaby Air / AirSense can help their sensitive systems to deal with the indoor pollution better.

iBaby Air / AirSense will keep you informed about the air quality indoors. The app will send you the following alerts:

  • Superb when the air is great,
  • Poor when the air quality worsens,
  • Oops! when the air quality is low,
  • Alert when you need to take immediate measures towards your air quality.


Air Station

See all other iBaby Air monitors nearby and check their data.

Data Graph

Get the data history of your location’s air quality daily, weekly, or monthly.

Air Hints

iBaby Air sends you healthy tips on lifestyle improvements.

Ion Purifier

In our lab experiments, negative ions released by iBaby Air / AirSense removed cigarette smoke from the air within 15 seconds. For an average size room (approx. 300 sq ft), it will take about an hour to purify the air. iBaby Air / AirSense can turn the purifier on automatically, and will show you the progress of the purification. In this video, you can see cigarette smoke completely disappear when the purifier starts working.