They call it ‘wireless baby monitor’, we call it ‘helping hand’.

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iBaby M6 is equipped with a high resolution wireless camera and ability to record your baby, send alerts and share video with multiple users, this digital monitor will help you stay on top of things as a parent. Keeping an eye on your baby has never been easier.

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Full Coverage

No need to go to the baby’s room to adjust the view from your monitor. You can easily turn your monitor 360° or tilt it up to 110° from your mobile device by smoothly swiping your finger on the app.

Calm Your Baby With Your Voice

Your baby loves to hear your voice! With the iBaby Voice Recorder, you can render your rendition of your baby’s favorite lullabies or record your voiceover of her favorite bedtime stories and play them on-demand.

720p HD Video

With iBaby Monitor M6, you can see your baby in high definition from anywhere you are. The video feed will be streamed directly to your mobile device (phone/tablet) while connected to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE.

Clear Night Vision

When you need to check on your baby at night, you can conveniently do it from your bed thanks to the monitor’s clear night vision. The LED lights provide enough light while not disturbing the baby.