iBaby Monitor M6T was named the Best Video Baby Monitor 2016 by Tom’s Guide.

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iBaby Monitor M6T is the latest Wi-Fi baby monitor from iBaby Labs. The monitor features temperature and humidity sensors, so you can always be sure your baby is feeling comfortable in their room.

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Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Is it too cold? Can my baby breathe well? With iBaby M6T’s humidity and temperature sensors you can stop worrying because you will always be in the know about the baby’s air quality.

Multiple Users

You can share the video feed of your baby monitor with unlimited number of family members or friends who download the app with up to 4 viewers simultaneously. And the best part – you decide how much control over what they see and hear to assign for those users viewing the monitor.

Visual Alerts

When the monitor detects a sound or motion, it will send you an alert – no need to be listening hard and being afraid you’ll miss something important. It will also take photos or a short video to record an alert event.